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Date Speaker Name Speaker Affiliation Field Topic
2017/6/20 Lorenzo Garlappi Sauder School of Business,
University of British Columbia
Finance The Carry Trade and Uncovered Interest Parity when Markets are Incomplete
2017/6/13 Rui Albuquerque Boston College Carroll School of Management Finance Relative Performance, Banker Compensation, and Systemic Risk
2017/6/6 Ron Kaniel Simon School of Business
University of Rochester
Finance Relative Pay for Non-Relative Performance: Keeping up with the Joneses with Optimal Contracts
2017/5/31 Maria Cecilia Bustamante Robert H. Smith School of Business University of Maryland Finance Does Firm Investment Respond to Peers' Investment?
2017/5/16 Sheng Huang Singapore Management University Finance Are Longer-tenured Independent Directors Less Effective Monitors? Insights from Insider Trading
2017/4/11 Péter Kondor London School of Economics Finance Financial Choice and Financial Information
2017/3/28 Dirk Jenter London School of Economics Finance Good and Bad CEOs
2017/3/21 Vidhan Goyal  The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Finance Index Membership and Capital Structure: International Evidence
2017/3/14 Xuewen Liu The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Finance

Financial Markets, the Real Economy, and Self-fulfilling Uncertainties 

2017/3/7 Xintong Zhan Erasmus School of Economics
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Finance How Do Smart-beta ETFs Affect Asset Management Industry? Evidence from Mutual Fund Flows
2017/2/13 Mingzhu Tai Harvard University Finance House Prices and the Allocation of Consumer Credit
2017/1/18 Weikai Li The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Finance Synthetic Shorting with ETFs 
2017/1/12 Jun Wu Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Bloomington Finance Do Mutual Funds Have News Trading Skills? Evidence from Daily Trading Ahead of News Releases
2017/1/12 Ting Xu University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business Finance Learning from the Crowd: The Feedback Value of Crowdfunding
2016/12/20 Xu Tian University of Toronto Finance Uncertainty and the Shadow Banking Crisis: A Structural Estimation 
2016/12/13 Jun Yu School of Economics and Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Singapore Management University
Finance New Methodology for Constructing Real Estate Price Indices Applied to the Singapore Residential Market
2016/12/9 Jun Tu School of Economics and Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Singapore Management University
Finance Market Sentiment and Paradigm Shifts in Equity Premium Forecasting
2016/11/22 Yufeng Wu University of Illinois Finance Why Are Underperforming Firms Rarely Acquired?
2016/11/1 Shiyang Huang The University of Hong Kong Finance

The Effect of Options on Information Acquisition and Asset Pricing 

2016/10/25 Nengjiu Ju SAIF Finance

Locked Wealth, Subjective Valuation and Managerial Hedging under High-Water Marks: A Structural Model

2016/10/25 Raymond Leung CKGSB Finance

Financial Intermediation and the Market Price of Risk: Theory and Evidence

2016/10/11 Justin Birru Fisher College of Business
The Ohio State University

Day of the Week and the Cross-Section of Returns

2016/10/11 Tan Wang SAIF Finance

Financial Network and Systemic Risk - A Dynamic Model

2016/9/13 Howard Kung London Business School  Finance Competition, Markups, and Predictable Returns
2016-6-28 Lu Zhang Max M. Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University Finance A Comparison of New Factor Models
2016-6-21 Hong Liu Washington University in St. Louis Finance A Portfolio Rebalancing Theory of Disposition Effect
2016-6-14 Yi Wen Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Finance The Making of An Economic Superpower Unlocking China’s Secret of Rapid Industrialization
2016-5-24 Darrell Duffie Stanford Graduate School of Business Finance Size Discovery
2016-5-24 Murray Frank Carlson School of Management
University of Minnesota
Finance Rational Stock Market Catering
2016-5-17 Zhenyu Wang Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Finance Dynamics of the Expectation and Risk Premium in the OIS Term Structure
2016-5-17 Xiaoji Lin Ohio State University Finance The Elephant in the Room: the Impact of Labor Obligations on Credit Risk 
2016-5-10 Marcin Kacperczyk Imperial College London Business School Finance Chasing Private Information
2016-5-10 Xiaolan Zhang McCombs School of Business
The University of Texas at Austin
Finance Financing Intangible Capital
2016-4-26 Federico Bandi Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Finance Economic Uncertainty and Predictability 
2016-4-7 Sreedhar Bharath W.P. Carey School of Business
Arizona State University
Finance Ephemeral Experiences, Long Lived Impact : Disasters and Portfolio Choice
2016-4-5 Kathy Yuan London School of Economics Finance Network Risk and Key Players: A Structural Analysis of Interbank Liquidity 
2016-3-29 Stefan Zeume Stephen M. Ross School of Business University of Michigan Finance Corporate Tax Havens and Transparency
2016-3-29 Yasushi Hamao Marshall School of Business
University of Southern California
Finance Selective Disclosure: The Case of Nikkei Preview Articles
2016-3-22 Gennaro Bernile  Singapore Management University
Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Finance Board Diversity, Firm Risk, and Corporate Policies
2016-2-23 Wei Dou MIT Sloan School of Management Finance Embrace or Fear Uncertainty: Growth Options, Limited Risk Sharing, and Asset Prices
2016-2-1 Guojun Chen Columbia University Finance Corporate Savings, Investment, and Financing with Aggregate Uncertainty Shocks
2016-2-1 Wenhao Yang University of Utah Finance Mutual Fund Management: Does Active Management Pay?
2016-1-15 Chengwei Wang INSEAD Finance Lesser-Known Stocks and Signal Cleanse
2016-1-14 Zhen Zhou New York University Finance Systemic Bank Panics in Financial Networks
2016-1-14 Zhenduo Du Northwestern University Finance Endogenous Information Acquisition: Evidence from Web Visits to SEC Filings of Insider Trades
2016-1-12 Song Ma Duke University's Fuqua School of Business Finance The Life Cycle of Corporate Venture Capital
2016-1-12 Raymond C. W. Leung

University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business

Finance Centralized versus Decentralized Delegated Portfolio Management under Moral Hazard
2015-12-22 Bo Sun Federal Reserve Board Finance

Contracting with Feedback

2015-12-22 Lin Cong Booth School of Business, University Chicago Finance

Dynamic Coordination and Intervention Policy

2015-12-15 Wenlan Qian NUS Business School, National University of Singapore Finance

Unfair Trade Practices and Financial Intermediary Regulation

2015-12-7 Xuemin (Sterling) Yan Robert J. Trulaske Sr. College of Business
University of Missouri
Finance Fundamental Analysis and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns: A Data-Mining Approach
2015-12-1 Shaojun Zhang The University of Hong Kong Finance

Systemic Default and Return Predictability in the Stock and Bond Markets

2015-11-11 Li An PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University Finance

Lottery-Related Anomalies: The Role of Reference-Dependent Preferences

2015-11-3 Zheng Michael Song Booth School of Business,
University of Chicago
Finance The Rise of China's Shadow Banking System
2015-11-3 Ming Gu Renmin University of China Finance Market Regulation and Private Equity Placements in China
2015-10-27 Cong Wang CUHK Business School,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Finance Labor Unemployment Risk and CEO Incentive Compensation
2015-10-20 Tao Li City University of Hong Kong Finance

Does Speculative Activity Have Real Effects?

2015-10-20 Wei Wang

Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business, Queen’s University


Catch Me If You Can: Financial Misconduct around Corporate Headquarters Relocations

2015-9-29 Brandon Julio Lundquist College of Business Finance The Bright Side of Political Uncertainty: The Case of R&D
2015-7-21 Jennifer Carpenter Stern School of Business, New York University Finance The Real Value of China’s Stock Market
2015-7-7 Kose John NYU Finance Institutions, Markets and Growth: A Theory of Comparative Corporate Governance
2015-7-6 Neng Wang Columbia Business School  Finance Investment under Uncertainty and the Value of Real and Financial Flexibility
2015-7-6 Dion Bongaerts Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Finance Cross-sectional Identification of Informed Trading
2015-6-30 Michael Weisbach The Ohio State University Finance Does Uncertainty about Management Affect Firms’ Costs of Borrowing?
2015-6-9 Bing Liang University of Massachusetts Finance The Role of Hedge Funds in the Security Price Formation Process
2015-6-2 Yiming Qian University of Iowa Finance Pre-Market Trading and IPO Pricing
2015-5-26 Stavros Panageas University of Chicago Finance Impediments to Financial Trade: Theory and Measurement
2015-5-19 Zhi Da University of Notre Dame Finance Price Pressure from Coordinated Noise Trading:
Evidence from Pension Fund Reallocations
2015-5-19 Feng Zhang University of Utah Finance Overreaction to Merger and Acquisition Announcements
2015-5-12 Ronald Masulis  University of New South Wales Finance Deal Initiation in Mergers and Acquisitions
2015-5-12 Adlai Fisher University of British Columbia Finance Levered Noise and the Limits of Arbitrage Pricing: Implications for Dividend Strips and the Term Structure of Equity Risk Premia
2015-5-5 Tao Shu The University of Georgia Finance Luck or Skill? Evidence from Bereaved Fund Managers
2015-5-5 Lei Jiang School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University Finance Double Adjusted Mutual Fund Performance
2015-4-27 Stefan Nagel University of Michigan Finance The Liquidity Premium of Near-Money Assets
2015-4-14 Jarrad Harford University of Washington Finance Corporate Financial Policies in Misvalued Credit Markets
2015-4-14 Xiaoyun Yu Kelley School of Business Finance Standing out from the Crowd: The Outlier's Effect on Corporate Governance
2015-4-7 Renée Adamss University of New South Wales Finance The Changing Nature of Corporate Board Activity
2015-4-7 David Hsieh Duke University Finance Perspectives on Hedge Funds
2015-3-24 Xueping Wu City University of Hong Kong Finance The Two Faces of Firm Valuation Uncertainty: Insights from the Persistence of Investment Styles and Financial Policies
2015-3-17 Evgeny Lyandres  Boston University School of Management Finance Complementarities in Mergers and Acquisitions
2015-2-10 Igor Makarov London School of Economics Finance Informational Black Holes in Auctions
2015-1-20 Wenxi Jiang Yale University Finance Leveraged Speculators and Asset Prices
2015-1-20 Qiping Xu The University of Chicago Booth School of Business Finance Kicking Maturity Down the Road: Early Refinancing and Maturity Management in the Corporate Bond Market
2015-1-15 Yeguang Chi The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Department of Economics Finance Private Information in the Chinese Stock Market: Evidence from Mutual Funds and Corporate Insiders
2015-1-15 Haoshu Tian Princeton University Finance The Effects of a Temporary Short-selling Ban
2015-1-12 Hongda Zhong University of Minnesota Finance A Dynamic Model of Optimal Creditor Dispersion
2014-12-30 Paul Gao Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame Finance Political Uncertainty and Public Financing Costs: Evidence from U.S. Gubernatorial Elections and Municipal Bond Markets
2014-12-23 Ji Zhang PBC School of Finance Tsinghua University Finance The Unemployment Policies during the Great Recession and over the Business Cycle
2014-12-23 Chunyu Yang BI Norwegian Business School Finance Portfolio Choice with Capital Gain Taxation and the Limited Use of Losses
2014-12-9 Thomas Chemmanur Carroll School of Management, Boston College Finance

Expertise or Proximity in International Private Equity? Evidence from a Natural Experiment

2014-12-2 Grace Xing Hu University of Hong Kong Finance Early Peek Advantage

Hong Zhang

PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University Finance

Short Selling Meets Hedge Fund 13F:An Anatomy of Informed Demand?’.

2014-11-25 Guozhong Zhu Guanghua School of Management, Peking University Finance Household Finance over the Life-Cycle:What does Education Contribute?
2014-11-11 Stephan Siegel University of Washington Finance The Cultural Origin of Preferences:CEO Cultural Heritage and Corporate Investment
2014-11-04 Hao Zhou PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University Finance Variance Risk Premiums and the Forward Premium Puzzle
2014-10-14 Selale Tuzely Marshall School of Business, University of Southern Cali- fornia. Finance Local Risk, Local Factors, and Asset Prices
2014-10-13 Neng Wang Columbia Business School Finance A Theory of Liquidity and Risk Management Based on the Inalienability of Risky Human Capital
2014-10-09 Utpal Bhattacharya Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Finance Do Superstitious Traders Lose Money?
2014-09-29 Jack Favilukis LSE Finance Foreign Ownership of U.S. Safe Assets: Good or Bad?
2014-09-23 Ayako Yasuda UC Davis Finance Interim Fund Performance Fundraising in Private Equity
2014-09-23 Lubos Pastor The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business Finance Do Funds Make More When They Trade More
2014-09-16 Robert Dittmar Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Finance A Simple Consumption-Based Asset Pricing Model and the Cross-Section of Equity Returns
2014-07-8 Dimitri Vayanos London School of Economics Finance Asset Management Contracts and Equilibrium Prices
2014-07-1 Tarun Chordia Emory University Finance How Does Size Affect Mutual Fund Performance? Evidence from Mutual Fund Trades
2014-06-24 Ilya A. Strebulaev Stanford University Finance Financing as a Supply Chain: The Capital Structure of Banks and Borrowers
2014-05-27 Vincenzo Quadrini USC Finance Bank asset Channel
2014-05-20 Leonid Kogan? MIT Finance Measuring the "Dark Matter" in Asset Pricing Models
2014-05-16 Tyler Shumway Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Finance Pricing Kernel Monotonicity and Conditional Information
2014-05-13 Kai Li Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia Finance Organization Capital and Mergers and Acquisitions
2014-05-06 Motohiro Yogo Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Finance Shadow Insurance
2014-05-06 Andrei Simonov MSU Finance Who Wants to Be an Entrepreneur?Entrepreneurial Activity, Social Skills and IQ
2014-04-29 Jacques Crémer Toulouse School of Economics Finance Vertical integration, information flows and the power of incentives
2014-04-22 Lukas Schmid Duke University Finance Equilibrium Credit Spreads and the Macroeconomy
2014-04-15 Vito Gala London Business School Finance Measuring Marginal q
2014-04-08 Max Croce UNC Finance Fiscal Policy and the Distribution of Consumption Risk
2014-04-01 Martin Schmalz University of Michigan Finance Can Changes in the Cost of Cash Resolve the Corporate Cash Puzzle?
2014-04-01 David Hirshleifer UCI Finance Visibility Bias in the Transmission of Consumption Norms and Undersavin
2014-03-27 Amir Yaron The Wharton School Finance Good and Bad Uncertainty: Macroeconomic and Financial Market Implications
2014-03-25 Uday Rajan University of Michiga Finance Credit Ratings: Strategic Issuer Disclosure and Optimal Screening
2014-03-18 Gary Gorton Yale School of Management Finance Crises and Productivity in Good Booms and in Bad Booms
2014-03-11 Hongjun Yan Yale School of Management Finance A Search Model of the Aggregate Demand for Safe and Liquid Assets
2013-12-24 Viral Acharya Stern School of Business, New York University Finance Financial Dependence and Innovation: The Case of Public versus Private Firms
2013-12-24 Viral Acharya Stern School of Business, New York University Finance Financial Dependence and Innovation: The Case of Public versus Private Firms
2013-12-10 Henrik Cronqvist CEIBS Finance Value versus Growth Investing: Why Do Different Investors Have Different Styles?
2013-12-10 Jun Liu Rady School of Management, UCSD Finance Strategic Informed Trades, Diversification, and Expected Returns
2013-12-03 Diego Garcia UNC Finance The Kinks of Fnancial Journalism
2013-11-26 Xuan Tian Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Finance Providing protection or misaligning incentives? The effects of labor unions on innovation
2013-10-15 Adriano Rampini Duke University Finance Household Risk Management
2013-09-10 Chen Lin The University of Hong Kong Finance Financial Flexibility and Corporate Cash Policy

Seminar Schedule  »  Brown Bag

Date Speaker Name Speaker Affiliation Field Topic
2015-4-27 Jia Chen Guanghua School of Management Finance Are Firms in “Boring” Industries Worth Less?
2014-07-01 Zhongyan Zhu Chinese University of Hong Kong Finance Financial Institutions, Aggregate Liquidity Provision, and Contagion Risk
2014-5-27 Zhaogang Song Federal Reserve Board Finance QE Auctions of Treasury Bonds
2014-04-22 Ashely Wang Federal Reserve Bank Finance Hedge Fund Performance Persistence over Different Market Conditions
2013-12-24 Tingjun Liu CKGSB Finance Optimal Equity Auctions When Bidders Are Ex-Ante Heterogeneous
2013-12-03 Yingzi Zhu Tsinghua University Finance An Equilibrium Model of Moving-average Predictability and Time-series Momentum